Express Life Insurance

Express Life Insurance is life insurance company, part of OTP Group. The company has been originally found by Société Générale Insurance and Société Générale Expressbank in May 2007. In January 2019, it became part of OTP Group and changed its name to Express Life Insurance .

The company has more than 250 000 clients in its portfolio.
Our aim is to provide those clients with quality products from a wide range of flexible insurance solutions and personalized offers, with different levels of protection and benefits.
We are specialized in offering both individual and corporate life insurance products in the following core categories:

  • Credit life insurance
  • Personal Protection
  • Savings insurance schemes
  • Protection schemes for companies and employees

Our corporate life insurance products are designed both for small and medium- sized companies as well as for larger companies, which aim to increase the loyalty of their employees by offering them additional social benefits.
As part of our product portfolio, we can offer special insurance packages to top management, tailored to the needs of their employees. Pursuing our objective of adding value to your business, we can contribute to the tax and social policy optimization of your company.