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What would happen if your employee had an unexpected accident or health issue during his business trip abroad? Earn your employees’ loyalty by protecting their physical, emotional, and financial well-being with Express Life Insurance's Travel Insurance wrapped in their Business Bank Cards.

Main advantages of Travel Business protection?

  • Free of charge protection, wrapped in the bank card
  • Worldwide coverage for an unlimited number of trips abroad
  • Easy subscription with immediate acceptance
  • No emergency costs in case of unexpected events
  • Financial security in case of accidental events for you and your family

What I need to know about Travel Business protection?

Travel Business insurance is wrapped in the business bank cards and is free of charge insurance protection for all cardholders of MasterCard Business ,Visa Business and Visa Business Gold Card Once activated by your employee, the insurance cover is valid 24 hours a day during the trip abroad and covers damages which occur all over the world, outside of Bulgaria. This insurance covers urgent medical expenses, damages or other travel-related inconveniences which may arise abroad, as well as accidental death and total and irreversible loss of autonomy during a trip abroad.
For more information about the cards available at Expressbank please click here.

What are the risks covered?

Accident Insurance

  • Death in case of accident occurred abroad
  • Death in case of accident occurred on the territory of Republic Bulgaria
  • Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy in case of accident occurred abroad

Assistance Insurance* (occurred abroad)*

  • Urgent medical Expenses as result of accident or acute sickness
  • Urgent dental treatment
  • Мedical transportation or repatriation
  • Body Repatriation
  • Coffin Expenses
  • Emergency trip of a close person
  • Personal Liability – property damages 
  • Personal Liability  - physical injury
  • Flight delay, flight cancellation (total/per hour)
  • Luggage delay
  • Loss, theft or damage of luggage
  • Legal Expenses as result of car accident

* All of the Assistance Insurance risks, covered by this product are provided by Komerční Pojišťovna (KP). KP is a Czech insurance company, part of Société Générale Insurance, providing non- life insurance in Bulgaria. For more information about KP, click here.

What happens in case of unfortunate event?

The amount of the indemnity paid to your employee as card holder in case of unfortunate event will depend on the type of his Business Bank Card - Business or Gold

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