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A well run and successful company is as much about preparing for the future as it is running the everyday operations. By subscribing to this credit overdraft protection for your key men, your company will be protected against the financial turmoil, which might be caused in case of unfortunate event with your most valued person/s in the company.

Why should I choose Credit Overdraft protection?

  • Security for your Business
  • Security for you as owner/ shareholder
  • Competitive price – unique for Bulgaria
  • Simple and rapid approval process
  • Easy way for premium payment
  • Innovative and unique offer on Bulgarian market

What I need to know about Credit Overdraft protection?

This protection is offered to companies, such as yours, as part of their Corporate or Partner overdraft applications and its purpose is to minimize your financial loss in case of unfortunate events with a key person of the company.
Insured are the key persons who are shareholders, senior managers or other individuals who have special skills, knowledge or contacts which are essential to the success of the company.
For more information about the types of Overdrafts which could be covered by our Credit Protection please click here.

What are the risks covered?

  • Death in case of sickness or accident
  • Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy in case of sickness or accident
  • Permanent Total Disability in case of sickness or accident

What happens in case of unfortunate event?

  • The obligations of your company (the used amount of the overdraft), as borrower of the overdraft, are repaid by Express Life Insurance to the bank.
  • In addition, your company receives an amount, equal to the difference between the initially authorized overdraft amount and the used part of it at the date of occurrence of the covered risk

In case you would like to declare a claim, print out and fill in the form below and send it directly to Express Life Insurance on the indicated address:

Corporate overdraft: 
Claims declaration 

Overdraft Partner:
Claims declaration


Individual acceptance for insurance with optimal care for the client  

Express Life Insurance is  working in partnership with carefully selected by us medical centers in 7 of the largest cities in Bulgaria (Varna, Pleven, Sofia, Ruse, Burgas, Vidin and Plovdiv). There all of our clients will be able to make the medical examinations, required for insurance acceptance. They will be welcomed in priority in those centers and their exams will be done free of charge. 

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