What to do in case of insurance event?

In order to make it easier for you in case of unfortunate event we have summarized the most important steps you have to follow in order to report your claim for payment of compensation.

Step 1 Inform the Bank or the Insurer

At occurrence of insurance event you (as insured person or heir) must :
Call directly Express Life Insurance

on tel: + 359 2 808 26 11 in order to be consulted on what to do next


Inform your Account Officer in the branch office where the insurance was subscribed according to the General  Terms and Conditions of your policy.

Step 2 Next steps

Depending on the type of insurance and the risk occurred, the insured person or heirs will be informed by the Account officer or Express Life Insurance about all the steps necessary in order to report the claim (including information about which documents and forms have to be filled in and submitted to the Insurer).

We would like to advise you to collect all documents at your earliest convenience since the faster you submit all required documents, the faster your claim will be processed.

For more detailed information about the Internal rules for handling of claims and complaints of Express Life Insurance please click here.