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Did you know that Bulgaria occupies one of the top leading places in the EU in number of deaths in traffic accidents? What can you do to protect yourself and your family in case of such unexpected events, which can unfortunately happen to each one of us?
The easiest solution for you is subscribing Spokoystvie Insurance to your Current Bank Account.

Why should I choose Spokoystvie Current Account?

  • Financial protection for you and your family in case of accident
  • Exclusive benefit, unique on the market: fixed sum for emergency payment - paid in 2 working days in addition to the main benefit
  • Flexible way of payment: monthly or annually  
  • Low price 
  • + 50 % increase in the indemnity if the accident happened as result of road accident

What I need to know about Spokoystvie Current Account?

Express Life Insurance is offering the Spokoystvie Current Account Protection, wrapped in one of the main daily banking products– the current bank account. It provides additional benefits for you as account holder and offers you and your family protection in case of unfortunate event such as Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy in case of accident.

What are the risks covered?

  • Death in case of accident
  • Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy in case of accident

          What happens in case of unfortunate event?

          You or your family receive:

  • Fixed sum for emergency payment up to 2000 BGN (in case of accident) and 3000 BGN (in case of road accident )  paid in 2 working days


  • Amount equal to the sum of the amounts ,received on your bank account (up to 6 000 BGN in case of accident and 9000 BGN in case of road accident) in the last 12 months
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