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All of us have at least once in their lives fell victim to a bank card misuse or theft of mobile and personal documents. With Comfort protection, provided by Komerční Pojišťovna (KP), you don’t have to worry anymore about the unexpected costs related to having your bag with personal belongings been stolen or lost.

Why should I choose Comfort?        

  • 5 unique covers for a single price                
  • All possible risks secured, arising from card theft or loss
  • All types of bank cards are covered
  • Worldwide coverage – you can travel safely
  • Affordable price
  • Lower price for any additional cardholder or card
  • Easy subscription – only signature from client needed
  • Rapid indemnity payment

What I need to know about Comfort?

Comfort Insurance, provided by KP, is available for every client, holder of any type of bank card, issued by  Expressbank.
Its main purpose is to offer you, as cardholder, reimbursement of costs related to replacement of keys and personal documents, stolen or lost together with your bank card.
Expressbank offers with this product 2 unique for Bulgaria covers:

  • Theft of cash: reimbursement of cash stolen under threat, withdrawn 48hours before the threat
  • Theft of mobile and/or tablet: reimbursement of costs for a stolen mobile phone and unauthorized calls made 48h after theft.

For more information about the cards available at Expressbank please click here.

What are the risks covered?

In case of Benefit
Theft or loss of Bank Card Reimbursement of cost for unauthorized card payments & withdrawals from ATM / POS and also cost for card blocking and reactivation
Theft of cash up to 48h after withdrawal Reimbursement of stolen cash under threat  up to 48h of their withdrawal.
Theft or Loss of personal documents, with card Reimbursement of cost for replacement of personal documents, driving license, passport.
Theft or Loss of keys with card Reimbursement of cost for replacement of keys and locks for your home, car, safe at the bank.
Theft of mobile phone and/or tablet Reimbursement of costs for the mobile phone/tablet and unauthorized calls made 48h after theft.


* All of the risks covered by this product are provided by Komerční Pojišťovna. KP is a Czech insurance company, part of Société Générale Insurance, providing non- life insurance in Bulgaria under Freedom of Service. For more information about KP, click here.

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