Full Protection wrapped in revolving card

Guarantee the best price for your purchases!

Ensure your peace of mind when purchasing and traveling

Everyone likes shopping with his/her credit card. But shopping is not always related only with positive emotions. Have you ever thought how much time you spend walking around the shops to find out where you can buy a product at the lower price. And when you buy it, you always feel worried if the good will be delivered in the desired form. Looking for solution - take advantage of the package offer "Full Protection" for free for cardholders of revolving cards, issued by Expressbank.

Why to choose “Full Protection”? 

  • To get completely free* additional protection for yourself and your purchases
  • Peace of mind for daily shopping
  • Security for goods delivery in the desired form
  • Guarantee for the best price of purchased goods
  •  24 hour assistance when traveling abroad
  • Worldwide coverage
  • Protection of purchased goods against theft or robbery or damage
  • Unique covers for Bulgaria

* Insurance is free for cardholders of revolving cards Visa Classic/Gold or Master card Classic/Gold, issued by  Expressbank

What should I know about this insurance?

This is unique insurance on the market, specifically designed for cardholders of revolving credit cards, issued by Expressbank that provides full coverage for you and your purchases, by grouping several covers.
Travel insurance is insurance wrapped in the bank cards. Once activated, the insurance cover is valid 24 hours a day during the trip and covers damages which occur all over the world, outside of Bulgaria. This insurance covers urgent medical expenses, damages or other travel-related inconveniences which may arise abroad, as well as accidental death and total and irreversible loss of autonomy during a trip abroad.
"Purchase Protection" ensure protection in case of robbery, theft or damage. The insurer will reimburse you for repairing or replacing of goods in case of insured event.

"Best price guarantee" guarantees you that the purchased product will be at a cheaper price. If you see an identical product somewhere, the Insurer will reimburse you the difference of the prices.


What are the risks covered?

Accident Insurance

  • Death in case of accident occurred abroad
  • Death in case of accident occurred on theterritory of Republic Bulgaria
  • Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy in case of accident occurred abroad

Assistance Insurance (occurred abroad)*

  • Urgent medical Expenses as result of accident or acute sickness
  • Urgent dental treatment
  • Мedical transportation or repatriation
  • Body Repatriation
  • Coffin Expenses
  • Emergency trip of a close person
  • Personal Liability – property damages  
  • Personal Liability  - physical injury
  • Flight delay, flight cancellation (total/per hour)
  • Luggage delay
  • Loss, theft or damage of luggage
  • Legal Expenses as result of car accident

“Purchase protection” in case of*

  • Theft or robbery and
  • Damage in the event of:
    • fire, explosion, direct strike of lightning, fall of an aircraft or anything dropped from them;
    • operations relating to fire extinguishing (including the damage caused by automatic extinguishing systems);
    • natural disasters: gale and hailstorm, avalanche,
    • landslide, if it is not provoked in consequence of any human activity;
    • water or oil escaping from any fixed water or heating installation mains damage: damage to things by water or a heating agent leaking out of the water mains or heating installation;
    • its transport from shop to home immediately after the receipt of the goods

“Best Price guarantee” for the purchased good*

  • If the customer notices an identical product at a lower price than the purchased item with the revolving bank card, the Insurer will pay the difference in prices if it is more than 15 euros.

* These are covers from Non-Life insurance,providedbyKomerční Pojišťovna (KP). KP is a Czech insurance company, part of Société Générale Insurance, providing non- life insurance in Bulgaria under Freedom of Service. For more information about KP, click here.

What is paid in case of unfortunate event?

For Accidental insurance and Assistance insurance:

  • The amount of the indemnity paid to you as card holder in case of unfortunate event will depend on the type of occurred risk and the level of protection of your bank card

For Purchase protection

  • Costs for repairing or replacing of the purchased good up to the insurance limit per type of card

For Best Price guarantee

Amount of difference in prices of the purchased good and the identical good seen on lower price, is higher than 15 euro.


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