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Do you often run out of cash at the end of the month but still hesitate to borrow a credit? In this case taking an Overdraft is the perfect solution for you.
By subscribing Spokoystvie to your overdraft you will no longer have to worry about your debts to the bank. Thus, for only 0.50 BGN per month you will get the protection that you and your family deserve.

Why should I choose Spokoystvie Overdraft?

  • Easy subscription with immediate acceptance (no medical requirements needed)
  • Security for you and your family
  • No debts in case of unfortunate events
  • Affordable protection - only 0.50 lv per month for protection with Spokoystvie
  • Easy payment -  once a year with direct debit from your bank account
  • One insurance protects all overdrafts of one client, up to 1000 BGN (option for maximum 5 insurances per person)

What I need to know about Spokoystvie Overdraft?

Spokoystvie Overdraft is specifically designed by Express Life Insurance to be offered to clients, who are applying for a new overdraft or are renewing their existing one.
Its purpose is to provide accidental protection to the borrower of the overdraft against unexpected events, thus promising to his/her family secure future, free of any debts.

What are the risks covered?

  • Death in case of accident
  • Total and Irreversible Loss of Autonomy in case of accident

         What happens in case of unfortunate event?

  • Your obligations, equal to the used amount of the overdraft, are repaid by Express Life Insurance to the bank
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